Glacier Blue Dog Round Sunglasses


Size Measurement: 4.5 inches across and light-weight

A tint of blue and cute round frames make these dog sunglasses a must for dog owners! You’ll be taking endless selfies with your furry friend the moment the shades go on. Get ready for extended time outdoors adventuring around town because you’re going to want to show off your dog's new look! Just get ready for all the compliments, “awes”, and infinite attention with your furry friend prancing around in our Glacier Blue Dog Round Sunglasses.

Why You NEED Our Dog Round Sunglasses:

1. Beautiful light blue tint on the lenses with vibrant blue frames

2. Securely sticks over your dog's snout without too much movement

3. Makes your dog the center of attention wherever they go

4. Sturdy round alloy frames sure to last you many years of dog walks


Make your precious pup cute in our Glacier Blue Dog Round Sunglasses and order yours today!

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