White Terrycloth Spa Bathrobe with Silver Tiara for Pampered Pets


100% Combed Cotton Bathrobe

Do you love your doggo? We all know the answer is absolutely! Well then pamper them! What better way to make your dog feel comfortable and cute while still being stylish and chic than this incredible doggy bathrobe!  

The 100% Combed Cotton Bathrobe features a New Upgrade to Super Soft 100% Combed Cotton Terrycloth. They are Super-Soft, Hypoallergenic and Absorbent! The robe features an embroidered gold crown. The bathrobe has a hook and loop closure at the chest and bathrobe tie around the back.

Combed Cotton goes thru extra steps to remove all imperfections and harsh parts of the cotton.  It has a very soft hand feel.

Robe also comes in the GOLD CROWN embroidered version.

Customer Reviews

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Necessity!!!!! Really 😉

I bought one to test it out and it is amazing! I slipped it on my little princess apres bath and she didn’t shake and shiver like she usually does. I have already ordered another for my little prince! These are great! I’m not surprised though. Everything I’ve ordered from DogCrushBoutique has truly been AMAZING!!!! Annie Badyal

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