Tutu Skirt-Black


Handcrafted Black Tulle Tutu with Adjustable Ribbon for Pets

This is a black skirt that allows your pup to have a classy and dressy look. The skirt is lined, so your pup can quickly get changed in and out of this easily. The skirt has a tutu-type skirt, which is made out of lightweight cotton that is made to dry quickly. The skirt can be hand washed and line dried. It is designed for a dog of any size and will fit your furry companion with ease. Product is hand-made to order in the USA.

This skirt for the dog is perfect for any event and is simple to put on your pup. This skirt for the dog is made of a nice, durable fabric that is easy to clean and wear. This skirt for the dog is machine-washable and line dry, and it is easy to make sure your pup is fashionable and comfortable. The skirt is made in minuscule proportions to fit your pet. This skirt is the perfect fit for any occasion.

  • Tutu is meant to cover only the back part

Size Chart

Measurements Given In Inches

XS 4-7
S 88-11
M 12-15
L 16-20


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