A true dog lover at heart and always crushing on someone else's little dog. Whether we are talking home life or business, it’s always about the doggies.
In 2019, after loosing my beloved yorkie, I launched a dog company called DogCrush Boutique – a place for his-and-her dog outfits, blinged-out collars, and a whole lot more.

In March 2022, I lost my second dog and was heartbroken and a year later closed the shop.  Within 30 days of closing I reopened in April 2023 with a new reason for my "WHY."  It's crazy I know! Being a dog parent now of three seniors dogs, the idea of them soon leaving my side is my reality. Determined more than ever to capture, record, and preserve MY life with my dogs now and for years to come is my mission. That is what lead me to offer more meaningful products to my shop just for you the doglover. 

The idea of creating something for you to enjoy with your furry pet's face on it was my way of giving back to you and honoring my first pet Oso. 

Make sure to say “Hi 👋 to Oso while visiting our site. Although he is no longer with us, he still continues to be a part of my life.  You can find him in my business logo.

With Love ♥️

Sandra along with Lena, Max, and Pumpkin

DogCrush Boutique